Six to One: The Ins and Outs of Orgasms

The orgasm is the goal of sexual intercourse, masturbation and even foreplay. It’s a mysterious pleasure, felt by every man and woman, which can be as light and simple as a flitting bird and as hard and intense as an iron wrecking ball. While it’s still called an orgasm in reference to either gender, the truth is men and women have very different experiences during this moment.

The Male Orgasm: Simple, singular and scintillating

It’s short, sweet and typically more intense than a woman’s. For guys, reaching orgasm unleashes a rush of drowsy hormones—norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nictric oxide and the hormone prolactin. That’s why it’s nearly impossible for them to not feel sleepy after sex. In most cases, men can only achieve one orgasm during intercourse and then need to recharge their erection after cumming. What does it feel like when men orgasm? Their brain enters a state of trance-like bliss during the approach and afterwards a split second of clarity like an epiphany or seeing everything perfectly clear for the first time.

Some men have stated that orgasms are different depending on whether they’re masturbating or having sex. Cumming while masturbating tends to happen out of neccessity- the man just feels like he needs to blow off some steam so he plays with himself. But cumming during intercourse can be more of a spiritual experience like establishing a deep connection with someone via orgasm.

The best way to stimulate an orgasm is to repeat rapidly moving, encased pressure around the entire length of the penis- especially the tip. Thrusting quickly and deeply into your girlfriend’s pussy or gripping your cock with your hand and jerking it up and down at high speeds are the two most obvious methods of doing this. Another way to make an orgasm more intense is to “edge” it. Meaning, you just about reach the point where you are going to cum and then you force yourself not to. Hold it in and slow down, then keep going again until you reach that point once more. Repeat as many times as you like (but don’t be ridiculous) until you finally let yourself release. The feeling is explosive.

The ‘Other’ Male Orgasm Straight Guys Won’t Wanna Read About

Believe it or not, there is a male equivalent to the female G-Spot. The prostate orgasm is supposedly a lot more intense than a regular orgasm and the spot is easier to find than a woman’s. This orgasm is achieved by internal stimulation of the prostate via the anus. It is most commonly felt by homosexual practitioners, however, straight guys can have one as well if they have a forward thinking girlfriend ready with the assist or are willing to try anal sex toys. Many gay men have tried to convince straight guys to keep an open mind about the “Male g-Spot” because they know what their hetero pals are missing. You can either continue reading for the how-to, or curse my name out loud and curl up into a fetal position in the corner.

Gay or Straight, alone or with your lover- if you want to have a prostate orgasm, here is how. Begin by massaging the area around the anus. You may want to use anal lube the first few times. Next simply insert your desired object: your finger, your girlfriends finger, a toy, or your partners cock, and apply interior pressure to the lower wall of the anus, sliding back and forth across the prostate as you work it in and out. The key is to give your body the chance to respond; take your time because the orgasm is worth it. Also, if you don’t find it pleasurable during the first exploration, that’s perfectly normal; you can always try again in the future.

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The 6 Different Kinds of Female Orgasms

For women, having an orgasm can be lengthy, intense and euphoric. It’s not always the quick, bursting explosion followed by numbness that men experience. It’s moreoften longer, repetitious and breathtaking. However, sometimes, women have difficulty achieving orgasm at all. This is not uncommon and the best way to avoid the let down of not cumming, is to relax and not stress about it. According to Dr. Ian Kerner over at, while having sex women need to relax and actively shut down the parts of our brains that deal with stress and anxiety in order to reach the point where we can ‘let go’ and have an orgasm.

There are 6 types of orgasms a woman can experience. I know, sucks to be a guy, right? I can hear them whining already; “It’s so unfair!” Personally I consider the variety of orgasms and ability to multi-gasm compensation for suffering through menstration and childbirth. Here are the different types and how to achieve them…

Clitoral stimulation is your best bet for achieving orgasm. However, rather than through intercourse, the clitoral orgasm is more easily accomplished by direct contact during fingering or oral sex. This is because during sex, the clitoris is generally missed completely as the penis does not maintain contact with it during penetration. I find that the only positions where I even realize my clit is there at all are the Cowgirl (girl on top), Reverse Cowgirl (on top but facing his feet) and Missionary with Legwrap (man on top and maintaining close, tight contact along the entire body and girls legs wrapped around him to hold him in place). These positions should be the ones you choose if you are having difficulty reaching orgasm during sex.

Vaginal orgasms, or inside orgasms, include g-spot orgasms and squirting orgasms as well as what I call ‘deep orgasms’. The elusive g-spot orgasm is probably the most talked about and strived for of the group. Locating the g-spot is difficult at first and so, here is a YouTube instructional video to do just that. Like I always say, a video is worth a thousand words.

The remaining parts of this article are still being written… check back soon.

Anal orgasms.

“Dreamgasms”, The Common Ground

The term “Wet Dreams” is most commonly referring to guys cumming in their sleep but the truth is that women do the same thing. Men can become erect during the dream-state and, if the imagination is wild enough, will ejaculate into their bedsheets.

Dreamgasms happen to women in our sleep. We girls can dream about achieving orgasm and actually experience one, with zero stimulation other than our hot and steamy imagination. They can be small orgasms, or intense enough to wake us up. If you find yourself creamy and wet when you wake up, chances are you had a dreamgasm. You might not even remember it or it could have occurred quite some time before you awoke.

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